3 Ways An Investment In Daylighting Solutions Pays You Back In The Long Run


Why are commercial buildings perfect for daylighting solutions? We will show you that the value of a long-term investment in a well-designed daylighting solution is undeniable; it’s well worth it to invest in a solution that will pay off long term. Below are just three of the ways daylighting provides a great return on investment.

1. Natural Daylight: Natural Energy!

Sunlight is a synchronizing agent for the mind and body, and is essential to overall health. Studies show that employees sleep better, and for an average of 46 minutes longer, when they’re exposed to natural daylight at work.1 A neurologist at Northwestern University reported that being exposed to sunlight at work is “beneficial to your health via its effects on mood, alertness and metabolism.”2 Forbes cites a study that reveals that employees who work in sunlight, are less fatigued, more alert and more productive overall than those who work in harsh artificial light, which is known to raise cortisol levels.3 Cortisol, known as the “stress hormone”, is as bad for people as it is for business: it contributes to ongoing physical and mental health issues, and decreases immune function, as well as the ability to learn and remember. Employers who want a healthy, functional, efficient staff must ensure their employees get enough natural daylight.

2. A Positive Influence on Customers

There has long been an established link between the mood of consumers and their receptiveness to ads and other purchasing incentives. Studies reveal a link between exposure to daylight and an improvement in the mood of shoppers, which in turn leads to an improvement in sales.4 By including skylights in commercial buildings, owners can create a shopping atmosphere that is more pleasant and less stressful for consumers – and thereby influence their likelihood to spend.

3. Reduce Energy Bills and Lower Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions

According to the National Institute of Building Sciences, daylighting in a commercial building can reduce lighting bills by between 5 and 20 cents per square foot every year.5 In total, optimal daylighting can reduce overall utility bills by as much as one third. This, of course, lowers the building’s carbon footprint by reducing the amount of fuel burned to generate the electricity it consumes. It’s good for the environment, but it’s also good for the bottom line.

Wal-Mart, Kroger, and Ikea are among the thought-leading retailers who are enjoying the countless benefits of incorporating natural light into their buildings. Daylighting increases the asset value of commercial buildings, and the employees who work in them are happier, better rested, and more productive. Natural daylight boosts the all-important mood of the customers who shop there. Perhaps most importantly, a building that uses daylight uses dramatically less energy for lighting, is cheaper to run, and better for the environment.

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