Alicia, Kim, Katie and Mark: Meet the Replex Client-Facing Family


When we refer to ourselves as the Replex family, we’re not just using clichéd wordplay. The Replex team consists mostly of long-term, dedicated employees. Not only do we spend countless hours together as co-workers, but we’ve developed an intimate bond that was forged in a disastrous fire and a traumatic rebuilding period. We’ve weathered two decades filled with devastating lows and extraordinary highs, wild success and tough times that required perseverance.

When you place an order with Replex, you aren’t buying from a faceless bureaucracy. You’re buying from people whose work is much more to us than just our livelihood.

Although every single person is an important part of the process of bringing quality products to market, I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to the front-facing office team, those who you’re likely to come in contact with when you pick up the phone or place an order.

Meet Alicia, Kim, Katie and Mark

If you’re a current Replex customer, you almost certainly already know Alicia. Like all good things, you don’t realize how much you need Alicia until she’s gone. Alicia was away on maternity leave this past summer, home with her new baby (and potential future Replex employee?) and she was sure missed. An employee for four years, Alicia handles all customer inquiries and requests regarding quotes, samples and everything else needed to keep orders running smoothly. At Replex, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile. That mile usually goes through Alicia. What you may not already know about Alicia is that when Replex needed someone from the management team to step up and lead the final push towards ISO9001:2008 certification, Alicia rose to the challenge. Functioning as Replex’s Management Representative, Alicia now ensures that we sustain the quality gains codified in our quality manual, known internally as The Replex Way Manual.

As the office manager, Kim is the lubrication in the company’s financial machinery. She manages the crucial and complicated burdens of finance, accounting, billing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and human resources (including payroll). Unique among the Replex office team, Kim is the only “boomerang.” One of our very first employees, Kim worked with us from 1993 to 1996 before leaving for nearly eight years. In 2004 she followed her homing device back to the place where it all started and has been an indispensable part of the team ever since. In 2015 Kim is leading our team as we get ready to implement a new ERP software system later this year.

She joined the team in August 2014 as Mark Schuetz Executive Assistant and in May 2016 was promoted to Marketing Manager. Katie will continue to make the CEO more organized, more efficient and more productive; leveraging every drop of value out of our time. We affectionately refer to Katie as our “metronome”, keeping the daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly rhythm of our management team in sync with our goals. The embodiment of efficiency, Katie is all about taking initiative—if you email the CEO, don’t be surprised to get a response from Katie who now has a new title, Marketing Manager. As the Marketing Manager, Katie send the monthly newsletters to our faithful subscribers. She develops relevant content and thereby keeps our customers up to date with current information that will help their business be successful. We are a reflection of your success!

I am the Founder and President of Replex, which means that I have the pleasure of working with the whole Replex team to help meet customer needs. I bring deep technical knowledge to the team, starting with a Master’s degree in engineering from MIT, ten years working in industry, and now 24 years running Replex. While I still do a little bit of engineering work today, my role has evolved as the business has grown and its needs have changed. Today I focus most of my time providing leadership for the team.

Yet I also enjoy being a part of the front-line team at Replex. I am glad to answer questions, get to know partners and clients, and spend time in the processing manufacturing plant to see new products come into being. I love our work at Replex because we get to combine precision laboratory science and innovative engineering with the elements of old-school manufacturing work ethic that our Ohio-based company lives by: relationship-based business; social and environmental responsibility; and loyalty to customers and employees. These are some of the foundational blocks on which we’ve built this company.

So there you have it! When you pick up the phone, fill out a form on our website, or make an order by email, you’re likely to get to interact with one of these four front-facing Replex team members.

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