Custom Jobs: 4 Ways to Make Your Mirrors Even Better


Since all sorts of companies place orders for plastic goods, there are all sorts of customization requests that come into play. Part of the job of a supplier is to get to know how the client intends to use the products and their specifications, and then work together to establish the manufacturing details that will meet the custom scope of that work.

Mirrors are used for a variety of applications from safety and security, to transportation and solar, however, design requirements differ significantly based on the intended use. What are some of the possible customization options available for mirrors that everyone making an order should consider?

Size, Shape and Composition

Technologically-advanced machines are capable of modifying several features of mirrors, including:

  • Dimension

  • Thickness

  • Range of curvature

  • Fire resistance (Lexan FR9600)

Treatment to Edges

Depending on factors including the mirror’s exposure to weather, temperature changes or exposure to moisture, it may be necessary to customize the edges following the cutting process. These customizations can include:

  • Cosmetic polishing to the mirror’s edges

  • Diamond edge polishing (only in acrylic)

  • Manual edge polishing for curved or three-dimensional parts

  • Sealant against corrosion or for marine applications

Scratch-Resistant Hard Coating and Polycarbonate Punching

It’s possible to engage specialists to apply scratch-resistant hard coating die cutting to mirrors. Specialty die-cutting firms work with dies capable of punching through the extremely hard polycarbonate material. Other customizations that are usually available in-house include the ability to:

  • Cut flat parts from large sheets

  • Cut three-dimensional parts

  • Build fixtures

  • Work with partial drawings


There are a few different ways to adjust the level and color of tinting.

So from sizing to edging, coating to tinting, the possibilities for customization are quite incredible using modern tools, machines, and human capital. The more your supplier can learn about your specifications and expectations, the more precisely they can complete your order.

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