Feels Like Family: A Look into the Replex Culture


In the 11 years he’s worked for Replex, Herman Trammel has never missed a single day of work. When a business instills a family culture, its employees stay longer, advance faster, and take more pride in their work — and Herman is living proof.

“To me, when people say Replex,” Herman says, “I want them to think quality.”

Starting out as a third-shift painter and working his way up to supervisor, Herman has found a home in a company that rewards employees who work hard and show interest.

But some employees can’t always maintain perfect attendance, as Herman has. That’s where a company has a chance to shine by rallying around one of its own in a time of need.

Margaret Hampton, who has been with Replex for 16 years, suffered through health challenges that forced her to take an extended leave of absence. It was during these difficult times that she realized that Replex had her back.

“It really makes you feel good when the company you work for looks out for you,” she says. “I felt comfortable that I had a place to come back to.”

Corporate culture starts at the top, and Replex owner and founder Mark Schuetz fosters a family environment that revolves around teamwork and encourages growth — not just because it’s morally right, but because it’s good business, too.

“He’s the backbone of the company,” Margaret says. “And we’re all here to support him. I can’t say enough good things about Mark and Replex.”

High turnover kills companies. Constant interviewing, hiring, and training of new people not only costs money and quashes productivity, but it creates a revolving door of new employees who don’t have any real connection to one another.

At Replex, longevity is the norm.

Tammy Cochran has been with Replex for two decades. Meetings that keep employees posted on future events, as well as updates on how previous endeavors have succeeded or failed, always reassures her and all the other employees that they’re in the loop.

“We know that what we do matters,” Tammy says. “We see the numbers and how it makes a difference.”

For Karen — who is coming up on her 10th year at Replex — the informal, relaxed atmosphere encourages freedom for employees to get along, be themselves, and even have a little fun.

“We get our work done, but it’s kind of laid-back. It’s not a real strict or formal environment,” she says.

Gerald has been with Replex for four years and handles metallization and painting. The small, tight-knit group gives him a level of intimacy with other workers that was simply not possible at the 800-person plant where he previously worked.

“It’s more of a family atmosphere,” he says of Replex. “It’s a lot better place to work … This is one of the most promising places in the county.”

For Dakota, the IT guy who — by Replex standards — is a relative newbie, with just a year and a half under his belt, the Replex family is literally a family. He works with both his father-in-law and his brother-in-law.

“It’s nice be able to know all the employees, unlike in a big factory,” he says.

At Replex, cutting-edge science and technology comes face to face with old-school, blue-collar manufacturing. Its employees obsess over quality, stay for years or even decades, and thrive in a corporate culture that feels more like a mom-and-pop business than a workplace.

It’s this family atmosphere that is the backbone of the quality that Replex has come to be known for.

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