New Technology Embeds Logos, Photos and Images Inside Printed Mirrors


Any regular mirror can reflect an image. But with the introduction of a new process, high-quality mirrors can actually become an image. Printed mirrors have photo-quality graphics embedded within their reflective surface through digital printing/metallizing technology. This means businesses can customize any mirror feature on their premises or property to include a custom logo or design.

Printing Prior to Metallizing: The Secret to Printed Mirrors

Most of us have seen mirrors in restaurants, malls and other public spaces with images or brand names on their reflective surfaces. These images are usually printed, silkscreened or decaled on the outside of the mirror, which is usually glass. Glass, of course, can easily break, and the unprotected image printed on the surface of the mirror can chip or degrade with minimal impact.

Anytime an image is applied to the front side of a mirror, the image may appear a bit blurry around the edges. This is because you will see the ink or decal on the front, plus a reflection of that image from the back, and these two images are offset slightly if you look at it from any angle other than straight on. With digital printing/metallizing technology, the artwork is between the plastic and the metal, so you will only see one image at any angle, and the photographic quality of that image is completely preserved.

With the digital printing-metallizing process, a technician prints an image on the backside of the plastic surface prior to the vacuum deposition of the reflective metal. This embeds the image between a plastic surface and layer of metal. It can’t be chipped, smudged or otherwise degraded by contact or impact. In addition, because we are using plastic instead of glass, the finished mirror is safer, more abuse tolerant, lighter in weight, and easy to ship than a glass mirror.

Flexibility — Both Literally and Figuratively

Digital printing/metallizing is incredibly flexible, and can be used to apply essentially any image, design, logo or text. The process gives the manufacturer the widest range of available colors in both text and images in the mirror field, resulting in a crisp, striking visual impact. The images inside the mirror are professional photo quality, and can come from any image or concept that a creative artist could imagine and design.

But it’s not just the options. The mirrors themselves are physically flexible. Because they are plastic, they can be thermoformed into convex shapes, which enhances the already-stunning visual appeal and gives the designer an even wider range of options to exploit.

Other Benefits of Printed Mirrors:

  • They are cost effective. Printed mirrors are digitally printed and therefore don’t require a fixed investment, such as for silks in silkscreening.

  • Printed mirrors can be used in high-traffic areas.

  • Printed mirrors can be cut or shaped to fit the needs of any brand or marketing campaign, such as the shape of a bottle.

Printed mirrors are incredibly durable, relatively inexpensive, and effective. They’re unique, visually stunning and they can be made to any specification.

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