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Greg has been with Replex for seven years.

When he started, he was a color technician, hired for his skill, which was originally meant to enhance Replex’s line of CCTV domes. That product line, however, was soon overwhelmed by competition that flooded the market with products composed of cheap parts made in China. Replex had a decision: Try to keep up by sinking to the level of the competition and compromising quality, or focus on making other products.

Both Greg and Replex chose the latter.

Quality Above All Else

“We took our resources and knowledge from the non-mirror side of the business and incorporated it into our mirror department,” Greg says. “That helped out tremendously.”

Whether it’s the mirrors that they’re known for, their growing skylight business, playground domes, or anything else, Replex products are superior for one reason: The company philosophy values quality above all else.

Quality starts with raw materials. By working closely with vendors, Replex can guarantee that its products have the best possible start. But it’s the people, not the stuff, that give Replex its reputation.

“We always want to continually improve,” Greg says. “So we put the pressure on ourselves to put a better product out there.”

Precise Manufacturing, Brutal Testing

Quality comes from consistency, and consistency comes from precision and procedure.

Replex mirrors go through three sets of tests. A UV chamber checks for stability in sunlight over extended periods of time. A weather chamber challenges the mirrors to hold up against extreme temperature swings. A corrosion test brutalizes the mirrors with salt and fog.

Replex tests its products many times more than standard regulations require.

But materials, manufacturing, and testing are still the “stuff” side of the business, and at its core, Replex is about its people.

Only Great People Can Make Great Stuff

Before anything is produced, Replex customers experience a thorough interaction with the company to have their questions answered and any customization requirements specified.

Replex has questions for the customer. The customer has questions for Replex. What type of acrylic will be used? How do you keep out hazardous materials? Will any non-conforming materials be used? What’s your back paint formula? What is the metallization process?

The human beings in the Replex family develop an intimate understanding of the wants and needs of the human beings ordering a product. It is not a business selling items to another business. It is a group of people committing to making the best possible product for another group of people.

That understanding is the genesis of uncompromising quality.

The employees at Replex know there is an open-door policy that can be used to solve any problem that may arise during any job. The family culture is fostered by the leadership and embraced by the entire team. It is a company that makes mirrors and plastics, but is — on a cellular level — of, by and about people.

And that is the Replex difference.

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