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As the founder, owner and president of Replex Plastics, an Ohio-based optical plastics manufacturer, Mark Schuetz uses his industry expertise, technical acumen, and customer-oriented approach to create eco-friendly and technologically advanced products and processes that serve a variety of consumer needs. Since establishing the company in 1991, Mark and his team have developed custom hand-tooled machines and a plethora of innovative capabilities designed specifically to engineer and manufacture thermoformed industrial optical lenses and mirrors of the highest integrity. Over the last two decades Replex Plastics has gained international recognition as an industry authority. Because of the company’s streamlined operations and superior raw materials, customers, distributors, and competitors recognize Mark as an expert resource in the field of optical plastics manufacturing. 



About Replex

The Building Blocks of Innovative Manufacturing

Even as a young boy, Schuetz dreamed of owning a manufacturing plant, and embarked on an extraordinary academic pursuit in order to achieve his goal. After graduating from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1979 with a Bachelor of Science in Materials and Engineering, Schuetz went on to pursue a Master of Science degree in 1982.

The remarkable research study he conducted for his Master’s thesis — which investigated heat transfer in complex cellular foam insulation — resulted in his recruitment to the Owens-Corning Fiberglass Corporation. There, he was exposed to cutting edge thermal-insulation technology, and through his work he not only gained tremendous insight, but also furthered the field as a whole. Next, Mark spent three years serving as Vice President of Operations for Plaskolite Inc., where he worked with the industrial application of acrylic resin, sheet and thermoformed panels.

A Culture of Excellence

It was on this foundation of academic excellence and practical experience that Schuetz founded Replex Plastics in 1991. As the president and owner for more than 25 years, Schuetz has shaped the culture of Replex Plastics, earning his reputation as the driving force behind a company known for technologically advanced manufacturing, eco-friendly processes and unrivaled integrity.

When buyers discuss a Replex order, it is not with a salesperson reading a corporate script. If needed, it is with Schuetz himself, who retains an intimate, encyclopedic knowledge of every aspect of Replex’s operations. His philosophy regarding client relationships is illuminated by the fact that Replex doesn’t offer warranties on any of its products. Mark’s confidence in his processes and the integrity of his team allows him to stand behind every piece that Replex Plastics produces, ensuring every customer will receive the quality product that they have come to expect from Replex Plastics. Schuetz believes that his buyers are partners whose success is directly linked to that of Replex Plastics.

A Bright Future Built on Mutual Trust and Respect

Replex Plastics is a tight-knit, familial company. At its helm, Schuetz fosters a culture that blends the blue-collar work ethic with the height of elite technical education. Schuetz understands that it requires proud, experienced and dedicated craftsmen to physically implement the designs and theories of the world’s brightest scientists and engineers. Schuetz’s experience in academia instilled in him an appreciation of the value of intellectual property, and he steered Replex Plastics toward becoming a company whose superiority is based on trade secrets and a collaborative workforce.

Schuetz is now focused on leading Replex Plastics into a global and environmentally conscious era. Globally competitive, Schuetz is taking the company into international markets with products manufactured in their modern, energy efficient American plant. Furthermore, Replex Plastics is manufacturing products needed for a sustainable future, such as innovative mirrors and domes for natural daylighting applications.

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