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For too many “manufacturers,” their process is limited to the wholesale importation of cheap, foreign goods that are then refurbished, packaged for retail and labeled as American made. Replex Plastics, on the other hand, is a genuine, Ohio-based manufacturing company with a proprietary process so complex and unique we’re immensely proud to call our own.

The Replex Process

The process attracts a wide range of customers — sometimes with peculiar orders — who have discovered Replex Plastics to be the only manufacturer equipped with the custom machinery, practical experience and integrity to make their concept a physical reality. From our bread-and-butter safety and security industry orders to novelties such as rock-concert backdrops, mirror and clear domes for art installations or Halloween costumes and mirrored Christmas trees, the Replex Plastics process guarantees precision and quality in every purchase. Not only does the Replex Plastics process result in dependable, weather-tested thermoformed plastic optical lenses and mirrors, but it is moving the company toward becoming an industry leader in environmental stewardship, energy efficiency and sustainability.

A Clean, Green Manufacturer

By refurbishing a hundred-year-old building to become a blueprint for modern efficiency, Replex Plastics retained every salvageable part of the former structure. The building now uses 90 percent less energy than the previous occupant and one-third the electricity.

The lighting system was upgraded to T5 and T8 fixtures. All lights are motion activated, meaning an empty plant is a dark plant — whether or not the last man out remembers to shut off the lights. The old, conventional air compressor was replaced with a variable speed drive, which consumes a mere quarter of the electricity.

The Replex Plastics process guarantees the consistent output of integrity-driven, quality work. Perhaps more importantly, it establishes Replex Plastics as a driving force in the era of responsible, efficient manufacturing. The company’s completed projects are only outshined by the scope of their future endeavors, which vow to cut gas to zero and reduce electrical energy intensity by half. A logistically difficult, but total insulation upgrade reduced the building’s natural gas consumption by a full 95 percent. Heat from the equipment and machines is captured and redirected to cold areas that would otherwise have to be heated by a furnace. Consumption is further reduced by the installation of three 22-foot fans that bring warm air trapped in the roof peaks down to the plant floor. This part of the process is brought to life in the products Replex creates.  Our skylight plastics enhance the power of daylight as a central feature of sustainable buildings.

Energy Efficient Manufacturing

Learn more about Replex’s energy-efficient manufacturing strategies and how we were able to cut our heating bill by 90% and decrease our energy use by more than a third!

Why We're Making the News!

Replex's Exports Help Defend Domestic Business

Why We're Making the News!

Replex Honored With Environmental Sustainability Award

Why We're Making the News!

Energy Analytics Lead to Boost in Plant Efficiency

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