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Replex Plastics is an American company based in Ohio that manufactures, shapes, trims, coats, cuts, sells and ships technologically-advanced industrial thermoformed optical plastic lenses and mirrors. Replex Plastics has ISO 9001:2015 certification using cutting-edge manufacturing technology and unique, custom-tooled machines, Replex’s lenses are produced with a commitment to efficiency and integrity throughout the creation of every single piece. Employing a rigorous quality-control system for each order, the Replex Plastics team holds itself to the highest standards while remaining both cost-effective and efficient — multi-sku orders are ready in two weeks or less.

The Highest-Quality Plastics For A Variety Of Uses

Founded in 1991 by MIT graduate Mark Schuetz, the company creates plastic lenses, mirrors, and domes for long-life, durability and utmost dependability for a variety of applications including trucks, buses, safety, security, roadways, playground equipment, skylights, security-camera domes, solar power and more.

Replex Plastics’ reputation for integrity, consistency, reliability and innovation is strengthened by the company’s emergence as a steward of the community and the environment. Replex Plastics is committed to having all products manufactured by long-term employees in an energy-efficient headquarters, which has been totally refurbished to reduce heating costs by 90 percent and electricity use by a third.

Replex Plastics’ custom and durable products are subjected to a withering 2,000 hours of salt-fog exposure tests, and demonstrate not only superior optical quality, but extraordinary resistance to chemical cleaning solutions, scratches and image distortion. Replex mirrors and domes also endure long-duration UV and moisture exposure, and temperature and humidity cycling tests.

Academia Meets Physical Perfection

Born from both blue-collar craftsmanship and the zenith of technological academia, Replex Plastics provides intellectual value with each order. Along with the physical product, Replex customers — who the company considers partners — receive technical and market assistance regarding the product, its makeup, its limitations and uses, as well as leads and industry intelligence to make them more competitive.

Although Replex Plastics has several established product lines, its unique machinery can satisfy a vast array of custom orders as well. The quality of the materials, level of craftsmanship and refusal to outsource labor or production overseas ensures quality production no matter the intricacy of the order. Replex’s products are cost effective due to longevity, durability and the fact that Replex Plastics passes on savings from production efficiencies and by minimizing or even eliminating costly tooling charges.

Replex Plastics employs a tight-knit team that combines the best qualities of the traditional blue-collar, small community work ethic with innovative, computer-driven technology and a global business attitude. The result is the design, manufacture and sale of technologically advanced and eco-friendly thermoformed optical plastics to customers who rely on Replex’s reputation for integrity and human relations.

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11 Mount Vernon Ave
Mount Vernon, OH 43050 
1-800-886-8847 (U.S.A Only)

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