Solar Mirrors

As part of its overall innovation in ecologically responsible manufacturing, Replex Plastics is engaged in exciting work, research and development in the field of solar energy. Replex Plastics uses advanced engineering to design, manufacture and test solar mirrors, which are of the mathematically correct optical shape, and can withstand 30 years in the sun. Replex mirrors weigh half as much as comparable glass mirrors, and can be made at competitive cost.


High-performance acrylic mirrors can be made in essentially any shape for concentrated solar applications. Replex Plastics has more than 20 years experience creating acrylic lenses and mirrors that can tolerate the elements, withstand external abuse and resist impact.

Replex solar mirrors come in three grades:

  • UVA, which absorbs UV radiation below 400 nm

  • Multi-purpose mirrors that cut off UV reflection at 375 nm

  • UVR, which allows UV radiation up to 335 nm

The choice of UV cutoff allows system designers to ensure that only the useful range of light is added to the module. These innovations limit UV radiation as one of the major causes of material degradation and product failure.

Comparable to a polished glass mirror, Replex solar mirrors are low-light scattering and have reflectivity averaging higher than 87 percent.

Meeting of the Minds

Realizing the prominent role that optical lenses and mirrors will play in the future of solar power, Replex Plastics has formed crucial relationships with major players in the emerging industry. While conducting extensive research and development on photovoltaics using concentrated light, Replex formed intellectual partnerships with Case Western Reserve University, where the Solar Durability and Lifetime Extension Center is located, as well as Nanotech West Lab at The Ohio State University.

The Future of Solar Power

Reduce your carbon footprint and utilize our planet’s most crucial natural resource.

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