The Whole Sky Dome

Much more than just skylights, The Whole Sky Dome is a complete pre-engineered solution for daylighting commercial structures. The Whole Sky Dome provides continuous and efficient daylight harvesting, creating maximum light output in both sunny and cloudy conditions, at all sun angles, every day of the year.

So, Why Skylights?

Natural daylighting has a variety of health-, energy- and cost-related benefits. Natural light is proven to regulate natural circadian rhythms, increase employee productivity, generate higher sales per square foot, lower energy cost, and increase the asset value of buildings.

Why Not Skylights?

Unfortunately, many businesses consistently report the same five problems with traditional skylights:

  • They leak.

  • They darken and discolor over time.

  • They form “hot spots” of glare and excessive contrast.

  • They require full sun to provide sufficient light output.

  • They transfer heat into or out of the building.

Prefabrication, Easy Installation And No Leaks — Ever

Replex’s Whole Sky Dome design guarantees that it will never leak. It is carefully engineered with a welded stainless steel shell and integrated curb to prevent against corrosion. The interface to the clear domes is designed to handle uneven thermal expansion and contraction when buildings are subjected to temperature changes (tested from -40 to +150 degrees Fahrenheit).

The skylights are fully assembled with an integrated curb in our American manufacturing plant, leaving no room for error in field fabrication. Any high quality membrane roof system that is watertight can be used with the Whole Sky Dome. The Whole Sky Dome requires no guard rails, and prevents air infiltration that could cause condensation.

A Long-Term Investment For Decades Of Clear, Natural, UV-Free Light

The outer dome is made of incredibly durable, non-yellowing impact modified acrylic material, which will remain clear for more than 30 years. The proprietary UV light protection filters out 100% of incoming UV light to protect furniture, fabrics and carpets from fading. It is impact modified for intrinsic fall protection, enduring drop tests of 200 pounds. The stainless steel shell is never going to rust through. Since there are no moving parts, the risk of system malfunction is not a concern.

Maximal Light Capture and Diffusion

The Whole Sky Dome’s patented technology (US Patent Number 8,745,938 B2) uses a clear outer dome that admits 92% of visible light from all directions simultaneously. Parabolic curved mirrors then redirect that incident light from all angles to the light diffuser located insde the building with the minimum number of bounces. The light diffusion system is engineered to eliminate glare and hot spots, and yet due to the diffuser’s location inside the building, no light is wasted illuminating the roof curb or bouncing light back to outer space. Light is uniformly dispersed throughout the building, even in the opposite direction of the incoming sunlight.

Even Temperature, No Condensation

The Whole Sky Dome has an overall R-Factor of 4.0. This comes about due to a quad-pane system, in combination with an integrated curb that is filled with rigid foam insulation. This means that there is minimal heat transfer — even on the hottest and coldest days. With a condensation resistance factor (CRF) of 80 and a frame CRF of 73, there is essentially no condensation, even with interior high humidity and cold conditions outside.

More Resources

Please find our downloadable Cut Sheet, which summarizes the product features and benefits and outlines key dimensions. We have also provided a downloadable Installation Manual, and our Patent Information here:

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