Known worldwide for thermoforming excellence, Replex Plastics forms thousands of custom tooled products every month including domes , mirrors , backers and other specialized parts. Replex Plastics specializes in high optical quality parts, with the expertise to provide surfaces completely free of blemishes or undulations on three-dimensional shapes. Replex Plastics has built its reputation on quality products and outstanding customer service – tailoring materials, tooling and quality control to each customer’s specific needs.
Our proprietary thermoforming machines incorporate computer-controlled automation for precision forming quality parts consistently and on-time. In addition, Replex Plastics combines Computer Aided Design (CAD) with computer controlled CNC Router machines to cut parts and tooling with high-speed precision. All CAD and fixture design is developed in house, providing a quick response to custom designs.
Replex Plastics specializes in high-optical quality parts such as:

  • Convex, concave, hemispherical and specialty mirrors

  • Solar mirrors

  • High optical quality security camera domes

  • Playground bubbles , windows and custom parts

  • Lighting and Daylighting components such as skylights and light fixture reflectors or covers

Our thermoforming capabilities include:

  • Seven Custom Thermoforming Machines

  • State-of-the-art Precision Automation

  • Largest Part Size: 55″ x 55″

  • Standard Materials Available: Acrylic, Polycarbonate, PETG, ABS

  • No tooling expense for most domes

  • One week prototyping in most cases. Click here for a list of some readily available standard dome sizes.

Readily Available Standard Dome Sizes.

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11 Mount Vernon Ave
Mount Vernon, OH 43050 
1-800-886-8847 (U.S.A Only)

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