Transportation Mirrors

Replex Plastics specializes in transportation mirrors that are designed and produced for manufacturers who incorporate our mirrors into their housings. These complete mirror assemblies are typically then sent to OEM vehicle manufacturers. More than two decades of experience perfecting this niche has enabled Replex Plastics to produce lightweight, long-lasting and durable transportation mirrors that were created through a cost-effective, eco-friendly manufacturing process. The protective back coating used on Replex’s transportation mirrors was developed to protect the mirror against a wide range of truck washes and roadway salts and other chemicals.

Applications, Quality and Durability

Replex’s convex dome mirrors — made from optical-grade acrylic, polycarbonate and PETG —are utilized in the shipping and transportation industries for use on trucks, buses, ATVs, aircraft and marine vehicles. Exhaustive, in-house testing ensures that every mirror provides exceptional resistance to weather, intense sunlight and powerful cleaning chemicals that are found in truck washes.

A Mirror To Withstand The Elements

Bad weather, intense sunlight, and nasty chemicals don’t stand a chance!

Made to Order

Although we specialize in mirrors with spherical or elliptical curvatures, Replex Plastics can create mirrors of any specification or shape, including full, half and quarter dome. Mirrors can be concave, flat or convex, and range in size from between 25mm and 1220mm (1-48 inch) in diameter, with thickness typically ranging from 1.5mm – 6 mm (0.06 to .236 inch). No matter how unique the needs, each order is produced under an appropriately individualized quality-control protocol to ensure a finished product that is technologically superior and free of even the most minor blemishes.

"Thank you for always being able to respond to rush orders that we submit due to spikes in our demand or inventory shortage. We very much appreciate how Replex understands customer demand (all the way to our customers)."

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