Why Replex

When a manufacturer decides to purchase lenses, domes or mirrors from Replex Plastics for use in the trucks, playground equipment, solar panels or skylights they create, they benefit in two ways. First, they get the immediate satisfaction of material quality and manufacturing precision. They also soon realize that a relationship with Replex Plastics pays dividends down the road.

The Replex Difference: Short Term

Replex Plastics makes technologically advanced optical plastic lenses and mirrors that are eco-friendly and durable. The quality of our products is directly linked to their durability.  With more than two decades of experience, Replex Plastics makes mirrors that — like all Replex products — are individually tailored for each order and are durable enough to outlast the vehicles or playground equipment into which they are built.

Handling all of our process technology in-house allows Replex Plastics to be cost competitive without bending our commitment to the highest level of quality. Most importantly, Replex Plastics excels at the human side of business, priding itself on having the most comprehensive technical support and intellectual information exchange in the industry.

The Replex Difference: Long Term

Replex Plastics sees buyers as partners, and seeks to cultivate long-term relationships that go far beyond filling orders and making sales. Replex Plastics believes that “We are a reflection of your success!” We strive, therefore, to follow through with our partners up and down the supply chain, working to bolster their success, in conformance with the belief that a rising tide lifts all boats. This philosophy has landed Replex the backing of the top acrylic substrate suppliers in the world.

A commitment to never compete with partners is one of Replex’s founding principles. Instead, Replex Plastics does what it can to empower its partners, believing that shared information and shared burden leads to shared success — as it did with Case-Western. When you buy from Replex Plastics, you get not only the most advanced, most durable industrial plastic optical lenses and mirrors in the world, but you get a partner committed to your advancement.

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